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My daughter, Annika, took up the flute in middle school and played with the band, but really had a passion for playing and so we looked for a private teacher to supplement her school lessons. Ani has had a great experience with Jessica-- Jessica has an expectation for her students to continually improve, but is also able to nurture those students and bring out the best in them.  She really encouraged Ani's love of the flute, and when it came time for us to invest in Ani's own instrument, she provided some guidance to find a flute that would move Ani's playing forward.  Jessica has also encouraged her students to participate in extracurricular events to help them grow organized a recital for all her students. She is a kind, communicative teacher with a beautiful personality.  Your children will be fortunate to study with her.

Linda Tikofsky

I truly believe that Jessica has a special gift in understanding student’s special needs and sensitivities. I recommend her with all my heart, to all ages and levels.

Ayelet Oreg

Jessica is an absolutely wonderful flute teacher for my 8-year-old. She is supportive and enthusiastic and does a terrific job of engaging my daughter.

Liz Howe

Jessica is an amazing teacher who's inspired my 10-year old daughter to learn flute over the past year. She talks to my daughter at a level she understands, encourages her to find joy and expresssion in what she is playing and brings a positivity each week that make the lessons a spot of sunshine! That and Jessica is also organized, providing a summary of lessons/practice items each week that allows my daughter to know exactly what she is to work on. Absolutely amazing teacher.

Nelson Suit

Our daughter has been studying flute with Jessica for 4 years, and it's been a wonderful experience. Jessica is amazing - always enthusiastic, deeply knowledgeable, patient, and just a great teacher. At the start, we weren't sure how long our daughter would continue, but now she's enjoying it more than ever. Thank you, Jessica!

Bill Duffy

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